Market Research, Business Analytics & Insights

Pioneers in Talent Acquisition for the Market Research, Business Analytics & Insights

Pioneers in Talent Acquisition for the Market Research, Business Analytics & Insights

Due to constantly increasing demand, the market research & consulting industry was estimated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 30 percent to become a Rs. 27,000 crores industry by 2020, as per the reports of The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Source: Assocham). The Indian market research industry’s turnover is estimated at USD 2.1 billion, FY 2021 and is expected to grow by 12-14 per cent annually till FY26 to double in size to USD 4.2 billion according to a report published by the Market Research Society of India. India today stands recognized as a global analytics hub.

Working for international markets accounts for three-fourths of its revenue of the industry that employs over 1.25 lakh personnel.

In FY21, marketing analytics services accounted for 52 per cent of the total industry revenue, while traditional market research and syndicated/publishing services brought 32 per cent and 16 per cent, respectively.

The report states that by FY26, analytics services would account for 59 per cent, while market research and syndicated/ publishing services 27 per cent and 14 per cent, respectively.

 The FMCG and retail sectors are the largest consumers for market research and insights. with a share of 27 per cent, followed by information, communications and telecom (16 per cent), and banking, financial services and insurance (15 per cent).

 According to the report, the availability of talent, coupled with proven expertise in data handling, technology, infrastructure and cost competitiveness will lead to an orbital shift in the industry by 2030, when it is expected to scale past the USD 10-billion mark. The report is based on inputs from over 198 companies.

 As of now, there are about 6000 consultancy firms in metropolitan cities including Delhi (25.7 percent) followed by, Mumbai (25.5 percent), Chennai (12.1 percent) and Kolkata (9.1 percent). Moreover, service sector contributes more than 50 percent to nation’s GDP.

 It is projected that by the next three years, there would be more than 2.2 lakh people getting employment in almost 10,000 consultancy firms across the nation.

As specialist recruitment partners for the market research Industry we have worked on Market Research Vacancies for niche some of the leading Top 5 Market Research Companies in India. These include both Executive / Senior Management as well as Mid Management & Operations / Field roles. Typical vacancies can be for:


Quantitative Research Professionals for: Primary, Secondary & Desk Research: Including – Questionnaire Design


Survey Programming & Design


Data Collection


Cross Tabulation & Analysis; Report writing & Dashboard Preparation


Researchers with experience in Mystery Shopping, Panel Management, Scheduling Mystery Audits


Qualitative Research Professionals – Moderators for Focus Groups, In-depth interviews, Projection Techniques, Story Boarding & Panel Management etc.


Field Executives for Data Collection for Retail Audit Measurement Services


Media & Audience Measurement Research


Data Science & Analytics


Client Engagement & Business Development


Market Research Professionals


Financial Reporting & Accounting Control; and


IT, Networking & Human Resources